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Mais cinqüenta questões de múltipla escolha.


51. Do you like to eat ________?
a) myself
b) alone
c) by yourself
d) ourselves
e) “b” e “c” são corretas

52. The boys are now writing to ________ daily.
a) each other
b) one another
c) them
d) us
e) all are correct

53. I feel proud of ________ because I won the prize.
a) ourselves
b) themselves
c) yourselves
d) myself
e) by myself

54. Helen, however, prefers to go________ to London.
a) each other
b) himself
c) by herself
d) myself
e) by himself

55. They hurt ________ while playing baseball.
a) himself
b) herself
c) itself
d) one another
e) myself

56. Little Jane and her sister went to the park alone.
a) by themselves
b) by herself
c) for herself
d) for themselves
e) with them

57. The old man ________ did the whole garden.
a) myself
b) herself
c) itself
d) himself
e) by herself

58. (Unicap)
–– “Did John and the rest of his class enjoy ________ at the party?”
–– “Yes, they had a wonderful time”.

a) himself
b) herself
c) itself
d) much
e) themselves

59. –– “Who helped you with your homework?”
–– “Nobody did. I did it by ________ “.

a) herself
b) himself
c) myself
d) itself
e) yourself

60. (Cesesp) “When she saw my books she remembered that she left ________ at home”.
a) hers
b) her
c) its
d) theirs
e) my

61. (Cesesp) “Nowadays, women are struggling for ________ rights more efficiently than ________ have ever done before”.
a) their / they
b) hers / I
c) theirs / she
d) its / she
e) her / them

62. (Cesesp) “Peter and Anne are friend of _________ I like _________ very much. I suppose _________ also like me”.
a) me / they / she
b) mine / them / they
c) yours / her / she
d) them / them / they
e) him / him / he

63. “A good father loves ________ children”.
a) his
b) it
c) hers
d) them
e) its

64. (Cesesp)
Tom: –– “Are these new shoes yours or your sister’s?
Jane: –– “They’re _____. My sister’s are those over there”.

a) my
b) her
c) hers
d) yours
e) mine

65. (F. M. Santa Casa.SP) There are many painkillers I can prescribe for ________ kind of headache.
a) you
b) your
c) yours
d) yourself
e) yourselves

66. (F.M. Santa Casa-SP) I’ve already taken my vitamins, have the children taken ________ ?
a) its
b) it’s
c) our
d) their
e) theirs

67. (ITA-SP) Those of us who wear glasses should have__________ eyes examined at regular intervals.
a) our
b) ones
c) their
d) his
e) N.D.A.

68. (Unesp) Peter brought his dogs and I brought ________.
a) my
b) your
c) mine
d) the mine
e) our

69. (Cescem) He spent ________ lonely hours writing love letters.
a) yours
b) your
c) hers
d) her
e) his

70. –– “All these houses belong to Mary’s friends”.
“ Are they really all ________?”

a) his
b) hers
c) its
d) ours
e) theirs

71. (UCP)
–– “I forgot my book at home”.
–– “Never mind! You can use ________ since I don’t have an English class today”.

a) mine
b) hers
c) my
d) me
e) him

72. –– “I’m going for a bicycle ride. Would you like to join me?”
–– “I don’t have a bicycle but Peter does. Perhaps I can use ________”.

a) his one
b) of his
c) his
d) of him
e) the one of him

73. (Santa Casa–SP)
–– “Whose are these shoes?”
–– “They are ________ shoes. They belong to ________.
They are ________”.

a) his / he / him
b) yours / your / your
c) their / theirs / them
d) our / us / ours
e) hers / she / her

74. All ________ shoes were very old so she decided to buy some new ones.
a) her
b) hers
c) herself
d) yours
e) its

75. John studies in ________ room.
I study in ________ room.
You write in ________ copybook.
We prepare ________ homework everyday.

a) his / mine / your / our
b) him / my / your / our
c) his / my / yours / ours
d) his / my / your / our
e) him / mine / yours / ours

76. (Uberlãndia-MG) They went in a spaceship. ________ name was Apollo 11.
a) It’s
b) His
c) Its
d) It
e) Your

77. (UFRN) Where do young people go for ________ holldays?
a) their
b) theirs
c) yours
d) your
e) his

78. (PUC/Campinas-SP) “Joao and Maria, what are ________ surnames, please?”
a) your
b) his
c) their
d) her
e) my

79. (F.C.Chagas/BA) These are ________ pens, not ________.
a) my / yours
b) my / your
c) me / you
d) mine / yours
e) mine / yours

80. “Where are you going on ________ vacation? I hope to spend ________ in Europe”.
a) yours / mine
b) your / mine
c) my / yours
d) your / my
e) mine / your

81. I left ________ pen at home. May I borrow ________ for a moment?
a) my / yours
b) his / my
c) mine / your
d) my / your
e) mine / yours

82. Will you please correct her exercise while Paul and I finish ________?
a) ours
b) him
c) my
d) us
e) our

83. “These men are sad because ________ wives had an accident”.
a) theirs
b) his
c) their
d) her
e) its

84. It was a very good book but their children tore all ________ pages last week.
a) his
b) their
c) our
d) its
e) mine

85. George’s wife has shown ________ husband that he was wrong.
a) hers
b) his
c) their
d) him
e) her

86. “She always does well on all ________ examination while ________ sister doesn’t wan to prepare ________”.
a) his / hers / her
b) her / her / hers
c) his / his / his
d) her / his / her
e) her / hers / hers

87. “Both boys ride ________ bikes to school”.
a) his
b) theirs
c) her
d) them
e) their

88. “Polyana had a pretty little cat that waved ________ tail every time when she was coming home”.
a) His
b) Their
c) Your
d) Its
e) Her

89. A alternativa que corretamente preenche as lacunas I, II e III de:
The new Verona is not _________ (I) and it is not _________ (II) either. It is _________ (III).

c)of mineof ourstheirs
e)hisof hersyour

90. (Cesesp) Where’s my key? I can’t find it ___________________
a) somewhere
b) nowhere
c) in everywhere
d) anywhere
e) in nowhere

91. (Cesesp) “I didn’t meet ________ at school this morning”.
a) somebody
b) none
c) no one
d) someone
e) anyone

92. (Cesesp) “You can take a portable cassette deck practically ________”.
a) anyhow
b) somehow
c) somewhere
d) nowhere
e) anywhere

93. (Cesesp) “He had read so ________ books that he couldn’t do ________ else”
a) much – anything
b) much – nothing
c) many – nothing
d) many – anything
e) several – anything

94. (Cesesp) There aren’t ________ people at the party, are there?
a) lots
b) lot of
c) a lot
d) many
e) much

95. (Fesp) “She puts too ________ sugar in her coffee”.
a) a little
b) much
c) few
d) a few
e) more

96. (UFRN) There is ________ on the phone. I think it’s Mary.
a) none
b) anyone
c) no one
d) someone
e) everyone

97. (F.M. Santa Clara)The problem was often discussed but ________ solution was ever found.
a) no
b) none
c) any
d) some
e) little

98. (F.Objetivo-SP) “If you have ________ difficulty with the question, ask the teacher for help”.
a) some
b) none
c) any
d) nothing
e) anything

99. (F. Carlos Chagas-BA) There aren’t ________ seats available.
a) much
b) a lot
c) any
d) no
e) little

100. (UFCE) A lot of passengers entered the train. There were ________ passengers in it.
a) much
b) plenty
c) lot of
d) lots of
e) N.D.R.



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