Interpretação de Texto, Gramática e Pronomes

Total de cinco questões sobra gramática, interpretação de texto e Pronomes. The April 2010 Rio de Janeiro floods and mudslides are an extreme weather event that has affected the State of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in the first days of April 2010. At least 212 people have died, 161 people have been injured (including several rescuers), while at least 15,000 people have been made […]

Interpretação de Texto, Gramática e Verbos

Um total de cinco questões sobre gramática, verbos e interpretação de texto.   TEXT: An inmate has stabbed three prison officers at high-security Frankland jail in County Durham. Two of the victims, a man and woman, have undergone surgery for their injuries while a second male officer suffered less serious wounds. The attack, involving a […]