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Mais dezenove questões de múltipla escolha.


151. (Cesesp) “________ is going to the drugstore? John asked Mary.
a) Why
b) Who
c) How
d) What
e) Where

152. (Cesesp)
Janet:–– “________ among your friends is the most intelligent?”
Fred: – “ Dick, I think”

a) Whose
b) Whose of
c) Which
d) What
e) Whom

153. (Cesesp)
Tom: –– “________ the young man in the picture?”
Jane: –– “It’s Mary’s brother who lives in Italy.”

a) Whose
b) What’s
c) Who’s
d) How’s
e) Which is

154. (Cesesp)
Tom: –– “Do you know ________?”
Jane: –– “No, I don’t. it must be around six.”

a) what time is
b) what time it is
c) what’s on the clock
d) what o’clock it is
e) what clock it is

155. (UFRN) Charles, ________ are you going to study ,at six or at seven?”
a) who
b) why
c) when
d) what
e) where

156. (UFRN) Sir, ________ is it from here to the beach? It’s about ten blocks, Madam.
a) how fat
b) how long
c) what long
d) which length
e) what distant

157. (UFRN) Selecione a alternativa correta:
a) What are the words on the sign?
b) That words on the sign are what?
c) What are the sign that on words?
d) On that words what are the sign?
e) On that sign the words are what?

158. (UFRN) What will the weather be like tomorrow?
a) Como estará o tempo amanhã?
b) Que clima ele prevê para amanhã?
c) Qual a temperatura aqui, pela manhã?
d) O que o tempo trará, depois de amanhã?
e) Será que o tempo estará assim, de manhã?

159. (PUC-Campinas) A: ________ is your brother?
a) How often
b) How many
c) How long
d) How much
e) How old

160. ________ do you work hard? Because I’m not rich.
a) Why
b) Where
c) What
d) When
e) How

161. (UFGO) ________ lost sight to help science?
a) Where
b) Who
c) When
d) Whom
e) Why

162. (F.C.Chagas – Londrina-PR) ________ work shows most improvement?
a) Who
b) Whose
c) Those
d) Theirs
e) Ours

163. (U.F.Uberlândia-MG) ________ were their names? Their names are Armstrong and Aldrin.
a) Who
b) Whose
c) Which
d) What
e) Whom

164. (F.São Luís-MA) ________ do you play tennis? Twice a week.
a) How far
b) How deep
c) How often
d) How long
e) How wide

165. ________ is yours, the peach or the orange?
a) What
b) Who
c) Which
d) That
e) Whose

166. (UFGO) ________ did you put the bird’s cage?
a) Whose
b) When
c) Why
d) Who
e) Where

167. (ITA-SP) “________” asked the man.
a) What hour it is?
b) What time it’s?
c) What it’s the time?
d) What time is it?
e) N.D.A.

168. (UCP) ________ did you buy that book? I bought that book two weeks ago.
a) Why
b) Where
c) When
d) What
e) How

169. (FMU-Fiam-SP) When you want to know about somebody’s appearance you ask:
a) How does he like?
b) How is he like?
c) What’s he like?
d) How is he like?
e) What’s he look like?



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